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Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's Still August Somewhere

Due to a crippling bout of late-summer laziness and a pretty not-time-consuming new job, I haven't gotten around to updating this in a while. I actually haven't done a long walk with camera in a couple weeks, but I have 2 from the end of August that I haven't put up. I'm going to combine them into one map post followed by 2 photo posts, then head out today for another walk downtown and hopefully not take 2 weeks to update it.

So for the future, know that if you don't see an update for a while, I haven't given up or abandoned the walking plan. There's a chance that the walking might take a several month hiatus beginning in the fall, but more on that if/when it happens (Am I moving? Youngest hip replacement surgery candidate ever? Limb donor? We'll find out). Whatever happens, I fully intend to walk every street in Manhattan as soon as I can. And now, let's go to the map...

The above walk all the way up Park Avenue was from August 22. I hadn't done much Upper East Side so decided to take out a whole avenue in one shot. I'm not a huge UES fan (something about a bunch of rich old white people seems so Westchester), but up through the 80s it's still pretty nice. I was surprised to find though that around the upper 90s, Park gets really gritty. I looked it up on Wikipedia when I got home and apparently above 96th is Spanish Harlem. You'll see the photos in the next post, but given that I have to walk every block on the east side between 96th and 110th, there will be a lot more photos coming if I survive.

Back on my home planet of downtown, I did this walk a few days later through Chelsea and over to Union Square. The only notably cool thing happening was a block party on 16th or 17th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues, where the two big apartment houses on either side of the street got together for a BBQ on a Saturday evening. Kids threw footballs in the street, they had picnic tables set up, and it felt like a small town, except for the giant apartment buildings and Chelsea Pier driving range nets towering in the background. At least 2 photo posts coming up next.

(Quiz: What 90s after-school TV show was referenced in this post?)


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