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Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Day 30 Photos - Really Chinatown

When most people think of Chinatown, even New Yorkers, they probably think of the area around Centre Street just east of Broadway and south of Canal. That's where the most well known restaurants and dim sum places are, but Chinatown continues to expand in all directions, and it actually runs east really far. It's taken over all of Little Italy except a couple blocks of Mulberry to the north, and the east side, especially the Chatham Square area, make the Centre Street Chinatown look like something out of Epcot. The Bowery area south of Canal is the Chinatownest part of Chinatown I've ever seen, but I suspect it gets even more Chinatowny east of there. Here's a map to help illustrate this:

I've actually been on Essex Street recently for some pickles and it's much more Lower East Side than Chinatown, but Wikipedia says Chinatown continues to at least East Broadway, and so I'll stand behind my map. Today I walked in Really Chinatown. You can tell because instead of Chinese places with signs including English words, American places include Chinese lettering:

The real Chinese places make no attempt to translate their names into English. Even the street signs are subtitled:

This was all around the Chatham Square area, at Mott and the Bowery (below). There will be a lot more about this area when I walk it again, and quite a few Streets You've Never Heard Of.

Along the way, I also spotted a cool Confucius statue, which thankfully had English writing:

The statue stands outside of Confucius Plaza, a 44 story housing project built in the 70s. More about it, and Chinatown in general, in this very interesting and probably mostly true Wikipedia article.


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous tamasha said...

The part that you call "China" has lots of immigrants from Central America, as well as Eastern Europe. And the hipsters have started to infiltrate. Also, the Chinese in that section of Chinatown are mostly from Fuzhou: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuzhou


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