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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Even More Day 30 Photos - Bowery

There's nothing like a beautiful building covered in spray paint with boarded-up doors and windows. That's the Bowery I know and love and am afraid of.

The Bowery is a gold mine of old store signs, like walking through Forgetten New York, a great website that got me through many internship days last summer. One of my favorite things from them is this page on the KFC imitators around the city. One of the ripoffs, Kennedy Fried Chicken, got popular enough to warrant its own imitator, JFK Fried Chicken. And then even that was imitated by J.F. Kennedy Fried Chicken. There's also a Lincoln Fried Chicken, which may or may not be connected.

I've long talked of buying a slicer on eBay, but it hardly seems financially feasible, unless I started a sandwich shop out of my apartment. The sandwich shop idea is not that far fetched - I can make really good sandwiches, having eaten thousands in my lifetime, and I can buzz up whoever I want to the apartment, at any time. I think there might be a drug dealer living on my floor, because I saw something written in pencil on the garbage room door about it, but if there is, she's not doing a great in-house business, because it's quiet almost all the time. But anyway, my slicer dreams are probably still never going to happen, unless I just buy one for recreational use, which isn't realistic at this point either.

The Bowery Savings Bank

Dismembered Bowery bicycle (good name for a band - Bowery Bicycle at least)

CBGB on Bleecker and the Bowery, which will close next month for good. I'm sure there are more up to date and detailed sites covering the club's demise, but I'm too lazy to look for them. Check out the amazing list of bands who've played there on the same link, ranging from The Ramones and Lou Reed to Elvis Costello and They Might Be Giants.

Looking east on Houston from the Bowery, with that cool boarded-up park on the left (is that a giant Christmas tree?), and the travesty that is the Avalon Chrystie Place on the right. I say travesty because it's a fancy glass monstrosity amidst humble old brick apartment buildings. But it does have a 24-hour concierge and Olympic sized swimming pool. If I made a lot of money while I was still young and wanted a 1-bedroom in a neighborhood I liked, I'd probably look there, admittedly, just because I know it'd be nice. But my main goal is still to one day live in the giant brick towers on the southeast corner of Union Square. The building is perfectly located and seems amazing to me, despite its dorky name of Zeckendorf Towers. An NYT Real Estate listing has some photos of a 1-bedroom, which is going for only $875,000, plus around $1000 a month in combined maintenence and taxes. As crazy as it sounds, that's actually surprisingly low for a building on the park with a gym, pool, roof garden, courtyard, doorman, laundry, and garage. For now, I'll focus on not having to share a 1-bedroom in Brooklyn when my lease ends.


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