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Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 36 Photos - West Side and Midtown

One of the scarier blocks I've seen in Manhattan, 47th between 11th and 12th. Very industrial and Bronxy with the auto shops.

Train tracks running north out of Penn Station, coming above ground around 47th

Down on 11th in Chelsea, a huge old warehouse probably destined for a fancy loft renovation. Classy European car dealership already in place across the street.

On the east side of 47th, the Trump building

Also on 11th, the Copacabana, complete with sparkly walls. Not what (or where) it used to be.

One of a surprising number of parks I passed in Hell's Kitchen

Who knew that mega-popular midtown lunch cart Daisy May's actually came from a little shack on 11th Avenue? The cart, covered in the link above by the pretty solid Midtown Lunch blog, serves BBQ sandwiches and glass jars of sweet tea (you get to keep the jar) to the midtown office building crowd, and although I've never had it, I always wanted to, if just for those free glass jars.

Couple of 11th Avenue birds

All the time I've spent in NY, and this is the first time I've ever seen the Javitz Center. It's nice and modern-looking from the outside, although the area around it is still pretty run-down, and if they have to bulldoze it to build a new Madison Square Garden or Shea Stadium or Penn Station or whatever the plan is this week, I'm all for it.


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