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Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 36: Finishing 47th (6 miles)

Walked over to 11th Avenue and up to 47th, then all the way across. I'd been wanting to do the 47th Street walk since I read an interview with one of the other guys in the NY Post article I was in, who said it was one of his favorite walks. It was interesting, for sure, seeing the change from dingy west side to Times Square to the UN area on the east, but I don't know why it's better than, say, 45th Street from river to river.

I did get stopped by some guy in Hell's Kitchen who told me I should take a picture of water falling from a building by the train tracks or something (there are train tracks running north that come in the outdoors around 47th, I assume from Penn Station). He said something about the water actually being from the ground but looking like it was from a building, because of the angle, but I never saw any water. First time I've actually been stopped, I think, and the guy wasn't threatening at all (he said he was a photographer too), just sort of quirky and possibly insane.

Photos from 11th Ave and along 47th coming next post, but for now, some strange ones...

Somewhere in midtown. I guess this has something to do with Haitian writer Edwidge Danticat's 1995 short story collection of the same name, although that seems like a really obscure reference. And even stranger, I've read that book and saw Danticat speak in college once about it. There also a Haitian restaurant uptown with the same name, which I believe is also influenced by the book, which itself is almost definitely influenced by some kind of Haitian folklore. Anyway, next time I pass it I'll look around more, and if you like dense but rich ethnic writing, check out Danticat.

In lighter news, I spotted a bunch of police horses (plorses?) downtown, including this one in front of a playground in Chelsea.

And outside the Flatiron Building, I ran into this insanely huge dog, which nearly tripped me crossing the intersection, and which may or may not be related to Hercules from The Sandlot.


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