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Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 34 Photos - Changing Houston

The most interesting part of the walk, aside from the chicken guy mentioned below, was seeing a part of the city still in the process of changing. Parts of Houston are modern and upscale, and parts are still the same as they were over 100 years ago. And it's not an east/west split. The very upscale Avalon Christie Place apartment building (below) is directly across the street from a very old, run-down kind of building (2nd below):

The stores and restaurants are changing too. Of course Katz's is still going strong on the east side of Houston. A little west of it on the same block is Russ & Daughters, a Russian Jewish delicacy store that has two cases when you walk in. On the left are all kinds of smoked fish and spreads. On the right are dozens of different kinds of dried fruit. Makes for an interesting smell, but it's really a cool place, and apparently one of the last of its kind on the Lower East Side:

And of course, it wouldn't be downtown New York without the required hipstery diner:

And finally, back west somewhere, the entrance to the Highline Building, where the highline begins:


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