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Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 34: Houston Oddities [6 miles]

Walked down the west side, then all the way across Houston and back up the East River. I wanted to cross back over on 22nd but gave up and took a bus back at the end. Still a 6 mile walk, which is decent.

Saw several weird things, but this was the weirdest. I was going to write a long story about this, but it's easier to just sum it up in a sentence. A deputy blogger from Tom Green's website was dragging a frozen chicken down the street and stopped me for an interview:

For the prize of 2nd Weirdest Thing, this oddly threatening no parking sign from the West Village:

Third place in Weirdness was this giant turf soccer/baseball/rugby field in the very-industrial-seeming Pier 54 at Houston and the Hudson River:

And a couple other runners-up in weirdness:

Crazy sky looking south from 23rd and 1st Avenue. The lovable weatherpsycho from this site would surely consider it evidence of a government-controlled weather conspiracy. I always did like Connery in The Avengers movie.

Not particularly weird, but still interesting: the 007 bus.

I consider this pretty weird, a giant factory with smokestacks and all in Manhattan. Here's another view of the smokestacks looking up one of the east Avenues:


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