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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Day 30 Photos - Brooklyn and the Bridge

View down the street outside Empire Fulton Ferry Park (Maybe Brooklyn Bridge Park? Either way, the area on the water between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges).

The park has a pretty cool playground, with a big pirate ship type thing in the middle.

It also has really ridiculous modern art, like these two enormous severed feet (click for a better view).

On the way to the park from the subway, I walked down Washington Street, a very cool mix of old Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridge.

A better look at the Manhattan Bridge

The park also has a makeshift beach, which is what these people are standing on. I've never seen anyone actually using it as a beach (it's the East River, come on), but it's a cool place to hang out.

This walkway under the Brooklyn Bridge seems to be where most of those late-night romantic walking movie scenes take place, although Roosevelt Island is also a possibility, and I've never seen the view from Jersey City.

Just north of the bridge is this walking pier with an extremely long seemingly-inspirational sentence etched into the railing. I was looking for MANHATTAN! to get in the foreground of the skyline, but I'll settle for cool inaccuracy.

Also on the pier is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Since I love places with official-sounding names, I go there whenever I'm in the area. Tried peaches and cream flavor this time. Real peaches. I recommend it.

The bridge viewed from the pier, with the River Cafe at the bottom

Lower Manhattan from the bridge

Has anyone ever walked on the Brooklyn Bridge and not taken this exact picture?

The skyline downtown from the end of the bridge in Manhattan

For more Brooklyn, go here.


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