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Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer in the City

For fear of spontaneously combusting in midtown, I'm cutting back on the walks today and tomorrow. The heat index in Manhattan right now is 102 degrees (heat index is like the opposite of wind chill, it's the temperature it feels like given the actual temperature and the humidity). Tomorrow will be about the same, then it's back into the 80's for the next week.

I will probably chip away at a few blocks around here today and tomorrow, and maybe do a shorter walk at night when it plummets to a frigid 90. It's not that I'm walking too far, because 5 miles isn't that long, but with the time it takes to stop and get good pictures, a 5 mile walk takes about 2 hours. The 7 1/2 mile walk I did the other day without a camera took about 2 1/2 hours. With a camera it would have taken over 3. So that amount of time is just too long to be out in this kind of heat.

I have a bunch of pictures saved up so I'll still post some things the next couple days, and I'll recap the short distances I do walk (probably without photos or maps). Normal walking will resume on Wednesday.


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