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Friday, July 28, 2006

Streets You've Never Heard Of: Gay Street Edition

Today's street from the heart of Greenwich Village probably had its name made fun of a lot as a kid, but is actually named after a former New York Tribune editor who lived there, according to the occasionally-reliable New York Times.

The street runs one block, from Waverly Place to Christopher Street, and is made up of townhouses and apartment buildings only, no stores or restaurants. The two places on either end were pretty cool, though.

From the corner of Gay and Waverly, this coffee shop type place with a very serious amount of air conditioning.

On the other end of the street, Geppetto's Toy Box, on the corner of Gay and Christopher.

Here are some pictures of the street, looking towards Waverly. It was nice and quiet, looking a little like Boston to me. I've only been to Boston once, so I think my real impression of it is coming from the end of War of the Worlds, when after all the alien monsters eat everybody, the pregnant lady and the feeble old people are perfectly fine in their nice quiet townhouse.

The biggest thing on the street was the entry to this apartment building:

The always vigilant New York Post spotted Philip Seymour Hoffman checking out a $4.8 million apartment on Gay Street in early June. No word on whether he bought it. That's really all The Internet has to say about Gay Street, and so here's to adding one more Google hit to the very short list.


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