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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Still Day 1: Down Broadway and Up the West Side Highway (7.5 miles)

July 12 Walk

Managed to get a walk in this evening between thunderstorms, although I didn't bring a camera. Below are a couple pictures I took earlier this week at places along the walk, including Union Square and City Hall Park.

The walk up the west side was was nice because it was quiet and kind of hazy on the water. The financial district at night though is dark and abandoned like Philadelphia. I missed some great pictures, including a pier that houses the city's garbage trucks, and there was one I especially would have liked to get. In a bus stop on Broadway somewhere in SoHo, a homeless woman had her cart inside the stop and sat on a sheet on the ground as it got dark, with a teddy bear sitting beside her. It was nice, to know that even in homelessness, stuffed animals still provide some comfort at night. So I threw a quarter at her and ran away.

Note: The image above (and the ones I'll be using consistently) come from gmap-pedometer.com, a nice mod of Google Maps to allow multiple entry points. The numbers represent miles. I found the site at this guy's blog, which is basically exactly the same thing I'm doing, but with running instead of walking, and Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. It might look convenient that I started this right after he was featured in the Daily News, but I just found his blog today and it's definitely a coincidence. Also, I wouldn't touch the Daily News if there were bars of gold inside.

City Hall Park

Union Square



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