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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How Hot Is It? Fun with Exaggeration

Walked like three blocks all day today, to buy some peaches. Yesterday I walked Broadway from 50th to 23rd, which I'm not going to make a map for. Tomorrow the heat goes away and normal walking begins again.

I was looking at this webcam of Times Square today, and its temperature readout reminded me just how much I love some good old fashioned American exaggeration. Although I missed my chance to get a screenshot of it, when I looked at this at about 2pm today, it said the "feels like" temperature in Times Square was 109.6 degrees. Fahrenheit too, not even Kelvin. Anyway, for the sake of comparison, I took a screenshot of it around 9:30pm, and another of the mildly more reputable weather.com. Results below.

You may have to click the Earthcam one to see, but I'll summarize: Earthcam says it feels like 97.2 degrees. Weather.com says 88. They're pretty close on the humidity, wind, and actual temperature, so a 10 degree difference in the "feels like" category is a big deal. Is it possible that weather.com, the number one resource for people who want to feel sorry for themselves, is holding out on us? Neither site seems to offer an explanation of how the "feels like" is determined, although I'll assume it's buried in the FAQ of weather.com somewhere. It's just that it's 97 degrees out and I'm too hot to look.


At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your a nut case.

Love Dad

At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew that camera was a good investment. I'm sure your looking to upgrade asap.


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