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Friday, July 21, 2006

Day 9 Photos - Indians, Peanut Butter, Portholes, and Firetrucks

Trying to get some actual locations in there today, instead of just nice photos.

I got pretty scared when I passed this place, called Peanut Butter and Jane, because I thought that Peanut Butter & Co. might have a competitor I didn't know about. But upon closer inspection, it just looked like some weird hippie clothing store. This site says it offers "vintage baby and toddler clothes," which ranks among the worst ideas I've ever heard, but vintage clothing in general is cool and it seems like a fun little place around Hudson and 12th.

Greenwich meets West Broadway just north of the WTC site, and there's this giant shiny red ball sculpture that I also included a picture of here when I walked West Broadway. When I took that picture on Sunday, there was some crazy-looking female bodybuilder posing for a dude with a video camera. After today, I can say it's official that the shiny red ball sculpture attracts weird events, because this guy was riding his bike through the water, and several other people were standing awestruck and staring, including the very impressed little kid on the right. Appropriately, it's right outside some big federal building.

I think this was at Hudson and Reade, just outside Reade Park, and although the lights were on, it seemed like some kind of training event, not an actual emergency. No smoke, no sense of urgency, and most telling, no gawking crowd of onlookers.

Nice little building on 9th around 22nd Street, with that suburban attic-window feel.

The Maritime Hotel on 9th and 16th Street. Portholes. Lots of portholes.

The elusive Chelsea Market also on 9th and maybe 16th. The only sign outside is blended so perfectly into the building that it's invisible, and even the website doesn't make finding the place easy. You'd think the map, about, or contact sections would tell you how to get there, but you actually have to go the about section, then click the tiny link in the upper right. Anyway, finding it is half the fun, and I'll get more in depth on what's inside (cookies, lobster, and possibly Rachel Ray) when I walk 15th and 16th Streets.

The National Museum of the American Indian occupies this cool building near Battery Park, and since it's part of the Smithsonian, admission is free. The red, white, and blue buffalo on the lower right of the website is pretty awesome too.


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