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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 9: 99% Done with 9th Avenue (4 miles)

Short walk today because once I got down to Battery Park, I decided to get on the Staten Island Ferry (I have nothing to do. Somebody give me a job). I'd never been to Staten Island before, and although I just walked around for a few minutes, I got some nice pictures on the ferry that I'll put up in a separate post.

So I walked all the way down 9th Avenue, which splits into Greenwich and Hudson (I took Hudson). At the World Trade Center site I got onto Church St, which becomes Trinity Place, and took that down to the ferry station. Nice walk. I need to walk 9th Avenue between 22nd and 25th Streets, then I'm done with it. I think my plan now is to finish up the avenues as best I can, then focus on the streets and the craziness downtown.

I actually bothered to look at a map of Manhattan today and the area above 110th Street really isn't that much. I'm going to cover south of 110th first, like I said I would, but I definitely plan to do all of Manhattan eventually. I'll probably do south of 110th, then try to do every sidewalk in Central Park (which will be more confusing than it is long), and then start north of 110th. I'm also definitely going to do Roosevelt Island, which is technically part of Manhattan I think, and I'll take the ferries to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty if they're still running. Plus, I'll promise pictures of Manhattan from Jersey City and Brooklyn. None of it technically counts as part of the walk (except Roosevelt Island), but they're nice views and if I'm photographing every part of Manhattan, I might as well get every view of it too. But anyway, all that is a long way off, and we'll how well this works in the winter and after I get a job. I spent four hours today on the walk and the ferry to Staten Island, and I'm not going to have that kind of time forever.

Moving on. The blog was linked from Curbed yesterday, and in a comment below the post somebody mentioned this site, which is the same idea, actually completed, and organized into a great site. I also got an email from the guy who did the walk, Caleb Smith, wishing me well. I'm not surprised it's been done before, and it's cool to see it laid out into a website like that. He made his final block one right outside the Empire State Building and then went up to the roof to take some final pictures, which is a great idea. As this progresses, I'll start taking some suggestions for where to make my final block. It might be cool for it to be random, because that's kind of the whole point of the walk, but I do like the Empire State Building idea too. And like they said on Curbed, let's hope somebody steps up for Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.


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