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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 8: Hangman Path (6.25 miles)

Made it all the way to 110th for the first time today by walking up 9th Ave/Columbus. Good walk, because I've never seen most of the stuff along the way, aside from Lincoln Center and some of midtown. And because I walked back down Broadway from 110th to 86th, I'm done with Broadway except for the stretch between 50th and 86th. I could have made it to 50th today, but there's a lot to see in there and I wanted to be a little less tired so I could get better pictures.

Here's a shot from the boat sculpture outside Lincoln Center:

Much more impressive as a miracle of knot-tying than as art to me, but I like it nonetheless. A block north, what is either Alice Tully Hall or Julliard is under some fairly significant construction (click on any photo for a bigger version):

Lots more photos coming in the next couple posts. Let's end this one on the copyright infringement of the day, from Broadway and somewhere in the 90s:


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