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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 4 Photos - Some Buildings Aren't So Nice

Bryant Park

Looking west on 42nd St from Tudor City

Greeley Square at 32nd and 6th

Half a building, viewed from Tudor City (I think this is the opposite side of where the shredded cab construction site picture came from earlier this week)

One of the first things that comes up when Googling Hotel Cavalier is a hotel in Beirut, and maybe that's fitting. This site has some vague info on the hotel (saying it's now a single room occupancy - I guess meaning a dorm-style setup with shared bathrooms), while this site says lately it's been used to house AIDS patients, and this one provides some history. It's at 34th and 3rd, above the Cinema Cafe. If anybody stays there and survives, send me some pictures of the inside.


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