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A fat lazy idiot tries to walk every street in Manhattan.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day 3: West Side (5.75 miles)

Walked west on 24th to the Hudson and all the way up to 91st, then over through Riverside Park and back to the subway. The Hudson, like the East River, has a heliport, but with no signs divulging absurd Hamptons trip prices. There's a giant warship somewhere around 50th Street that I'll explore more in depth when I actually walk that street. It had a museum with cannons and things, and I think the ship was called the Intrepid.

Nothing else that interesting happened, except when I ignored a detour sign in Riverside Park and ended up squeezing my way through a sliver of a dirt path about a foot from the West Side Highway (below).

At least there was a guardrail. I think that's the George Washington Bridge in the background, and I'll make sure to take more pictures of Riverside Park when I walk those streets later on.

The reason I didn't make it back to form the full rectangle is that it was 600 degrees in Manhattan today, and walking on the water, there were no buildings to block the sun. So the left half of me got very overheated and sunburnt, and I ended up taking a subway back downtown from 86th.

I've also noticed that I can walk like 7 miles straight and be okay, but then if I walk up one flight of stairs, I feel dizzy and exhausted. If I walk up one flight normally, without the walking before, I'm okay. There has to be some kind of scientific reason for this, and whatever it is, I know the solution: more escalators.


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