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Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 2: Big Square (6.5 miles)

Walked east on 23rd to the river, then up to 59th, back west to 7th, and down to 23rd again. I also got in a little bit of 8th Ave later. The walk on 23rd was pretty uneventful except for the Asser Levy pool, which I'll take better pictures of when I walk that way again. The river was pretty nice but unlike the Hudson, there's no way to walk all the way up. The sidewalk breaks multiple times and at least once, I ended up actually walking on the FDR itself because a sidewalk unexpectedly ended.

I was actually walking sideways on a sliver of sidewalk (above) for part of it, and then that ended too and I was standing on the FDR, facing oncoming traffic. That's why I ended up on 1st Avenue for the rest.

I have a lot more quality pictures than I thought I would, and so I'm going to start doing separate posts for them. Like today, I have about 10 pictures I want up, and so instead of listing the 10 at the bottom of this post, I'll do a couple photo-only posts (with captions) just to break things up.

Thanks to Gary from Runs Brooklyn, who passed along this report from the NY Department of Transportation, and in testing the bumpiness of New York's streets, they determined that the area of Manhattan I'll be walking has about 338 miles of streets. All of Manhattan has just over 500, but I'm going to stay south of 110th Street for now. All of New York City has about 6000 miles of streets, with somewhere around 1700 of them in Brooklyn, so Gary has a much tougher task ahead than I do. Anyway, I'm keeping 500 miles in the subhead for the blog, because it sounds better than 338, and once I finish this, I do plan to cover Harlem next.


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