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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 19 Photos - Around the Park

The northeast corner of Central Park, at 110th Street and 5th Avenue, with a stuffed St. Bernard type thing under a tree.

On Central Park South, a fully dressed trojan warrior offering bike rides.

The Museum of the City of New York (which I didn't know existed) on 103rd and 5th

I'm starting to consider myself a semi-expert on street pretzels, and while I still believe that the guy on the southwest corner of 33rd and 6th has the best pretzels around, I think that today I may have found the worst. I took the subway to Columbus Circle to start the walk around the park, and stopped for a pretzel on 59th somewhere around 7th Avenue. The resulting pretzel was cold, bready, and undercooked, which is difficult to pull off, because they come cooked already. But in this case, I don't blame the pretzel distributor, because all the way around the park, the pretzel stands I saw looked like the one above, where the pretzels are housed in spacious glass cases, instead of on top of a heated mound of salt, or preferably, in a steamer drawer. I suspect that the vendors around the park are required to have nicer carts than the ones in other parts of the city, and so the pretzels sit in a cold little box all day. More sanitary? Yes. Tasty? No. I'll take my chances on the ugly germy ones downtown.

A cool castle-like courtyard to a building on 105th and Central Park West. I can't believe it's just a condo, but that's what the sign says. The Google satellite view is pretty interesting too.

Woman dressed like a cheap clown on 5th Avenue somewhere, and apparently not realizing it.

Around 107th Street on the east side of the park seems like a strange place for a knish stand, but the sign says it's been around since 1953.

Globe at Columbus Circle

The Constructionheim


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