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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day 19: Outside Central Park (6.25 miles)

Finally got around to doing the long-awaited Central Park loop this afternoon. I thought it'd be a pretty cool walk, but it was actually very frustrating to see a lot of interesting stuff in the park and to not be able to go in and look at it. And there weren't too many pictures to take, because it's really just apartments or museums all the way up both sides. Plus, the uneven stone path all the way up 5th Avenue really killed my feet, although I suspect that walking late last night and again this afternoon had something to do with that as well.

I was thinking along the way whether I would need to walk the parts of the streets that go through Central Park to officially consider Manhattan done. I did say I'd walk every street in Manhattan, although obviously the ones in the park that don't have sidewalks wouldn't count. The streets in there are really confusing, so what I've decided is this: I'll finish every street south of 110th not including anything in Central Park. Then, I'm going to do the whole park, streets, sidewalks, and all. This is assuming I can find a map of the sidewalks so I can actually keep track. And I'd need a total distance to figure out if this is even doable. If it's another 500 miles, I'd probably just do the streets. If it's 100 or 200 miles, I could probably handle it. And of course, when the Park is done, I'll start north of 110th. This is all a long way off, but if anybody knows the total distance of every sidewalk and street in Central Park, or knows where I could buy a really detailed map, post a comment here.

Okay, well, after a couple days of food coming first, let's try the 2nd most important thing: dogs. Sorry for the blurriness (they move quickly, the uptown dogs).

This rottweiler had some kind of weird boots on his two left legs that looked like wrestling shoes. I've been trying to think of how a dog could injure its two side legs, as opposed to just the front or just the back or all four, but it seems unlikely. I'd guess that it hurt one foot and walked strangely with only one boot on, so this helps balance it out somehow. Other explanations welcome.

After never seeing this kind of dog in my life, I think I've seen like 5 in the past 2 days. It looks like a cross between a greyhound and a sheep. Anyone know what breed this is? Here's another picture of the same one:

And now that I'm out of dog pictures, how about an Upper East Side squirrel?


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