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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day 16: Not Much New (5 miles)

Because today was officially Get Your Life Together Day, I didn't get around to a walk until tonight. But I had been wanting to get some nighttime pictures up here anyway, especially of Times Square. The route is kind of weird and covers a lot of streets I've already done, but I went that way because I wanted to stop by the screening of Jaws on Pier 54.

I'm not someone who throws around "favorite movie ever" loosely, and my top 5 list varies almost daily, depending how long I'm willing to argue with myself, but Jaws is always in there. (Right now I'd say Jaws, The Graduate, and Annie Hall are constantly in the top 5, and the other two spots rotate between a long list, including Goodfellas, Magnolia, Some Like It Hot, Airplane, Back to the Future, A Clockwork Orange, Vertigo, Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, and Hoop Dreams.) Jaws was shown as part of the Bryant Park Film Series a summer or two ago, but I missed it, and so when I read on Gothamist at like 9pm tonight that RiverFlicks was showing it tonight on the pier, I basically ran out the door immediately. Here's really the only decent picture I could get:

The screen was pretty small (much smaller than Bryant Park) and the sound was low, but popcorn was free and the couple hundred people there seemed into it. I got there during the USS Indianapolis scene and stayed for Farewell and Adieu of course. Then I walked east on 14th, up 8th Avenue, and around Times Square for a while. Took a lot of pictures with long exposures to get a motion blur. More on that in a later post though.

I'll do Times Square pictures in a different post too, but for now, a couple from on the way there.


From 22nd and I think 9th Avenue. I don't know if the sarcasm is needed when referring to the quality of the food, but I'd still buy that pre-packaged sushi from there.

I love the Whopper as much as the next guy, but does America really need this right now?


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