Walking New York

A fat lazy idiot tries to walk every street in Manhattan.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day 1: Rain Delay

Day 1 might be called by rain. While I could walk without my camera, I refuse to walk without an iPod, and after last week's proof that God hates technology, I think I should wait until it clears up. Maybe I'll get a couple miles in late tonight, but until it stops raining completely, there won't be any pictures.

Some camera details: I have a really nice digital SLR that I use for taking good pictures, but I also just used up a graduation gift Best Buy card to get a cheap, tiny camera that should take decent enough pics to post on here. That way, if it's raining a little or if I don't want to carry the heavy camera, I can keep this one in my pocket. Rain pictures are fun anyway.

Alright, time to bask in this excuse not to exercise. I'll be watching TV for the next 10 hours.


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